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Psychology and Harassment: methods to undermine a person’s life

The author of this text, has since February of this year been victim of psychological harassment in a mulitude of environments, a well as differing regions of the world. 

As a victim, without any problems of substance abuse or alcoholism in the past, has been somehow pushed into the recovery industry, hence labeled as a substance abuser, which seems to have undermine his credibility, so that the accounts of the psychological violence and abuse encountered, are easily seen as being based on distortions of reality. Entering into such facilities, the psychological  harassments continued, unabated. 

Such abuse and harassment, overall, has taken place in Aspen Colorado, Denver, Orange County California, and Guangzhou, China.

This form of abuse, ongoing,  can be explained by understanding the phenomena that is sketched in detail on the following website:

And personal accounts of this author’s association with such ongoing abuse can be seen by viewing the following:

personal accounts

Psychological Harassment links:



overview of terror stalking

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