Psychology and Harassment: methods to undermine a person’s life

The author of this text, has since February of this year been victim of psychological harassment in a mulitude of environments, a well as differing regions of the world. 

As a victim, without any problems of substance abuse or alcoholism in the past, has been somehow pushed into the recovery industry, hence labeled as a substance abuser, which seems to have undermine his credibility, so that the accounts of the psychological violence and abuse encountered, are easily seen as being based on distortions of reality. Entering into such facilities, the psychological  harassments continued, unabated. 

Such abuse and harassment, overall, has taken place in Aspen Colorado, Denver, Orange County California, and Guangzhou, China.

This form of abuse, ongoing,  can be explained by understanding the phenomena that is sketched in detail on the following website:

And personal accounts of this author’s association with such ongoing abuse can be seen by viewing the following:

personal accounts

Psychological Harassment links:



overview of terror stalking

The author has written articles on psychological harassment and violence using the name minigh dimol/waterinch. His personal experiences with this form of violence is summarized below:

The  terror stalking campaign involving the writer of this text is campaign that begins in the central region of Hunan Province China, a place called Shaoyang, were the target was a teacher. A torturous protracted nightly noise campaign disrupts his sleep for more than a year, and while he has on going discussions with the schools administration concerning the harassers, nothing is done.  

After leaving his teaching postition at Shaoyang University, he relocates to the southern city of Guangzhou, the fourth largest city in Mainland China, for a year of language study, and though the torturous noise harassments seem a far away and in the past, his life is slowly visited by a series of mishaps, misfortunes, and an unexplained injury.

By the end of his year of study, supposed friends he had met in the second half of the year, have set a stage on which we see the target become entangled through set ups, thefts that include his laptop and other expensive items, all leading to the eventual onslaught of an intense gang stalking campaign, one that carefully causes him to feel that he under investigation for suspicions regarding the death of his parents, or is being set up to look as if he had murdered his parents, committed rape and other sorted and grotesque act.It is not until months later, after being in the US for a nearly five months, that he discovers that all he has experienced is part of a phenomena called terror stalking (also multistalking/gang stalking).

 A simple search on the internet using the words ‘ secret harassment’ enlightens him to the facts concerning the sick reality brought onto him by organized criminals who are bent on exercising a sadistic psychopathic practice, for reasons that are not understood by the victim. Learning from accounts of other victims, who in the initial stages of terror stalking, endure countless noise harassments, he is brought back in mind to Shaoyang University and his own encounter with such a form of harassment.      

The unfortunate reality is that these exercises in the destruction of innocent peoples lives are happening to individuals in many countries of the world today, especially here in the United States and Canada.

The effects of terror stalking will undoubtedly cause the victim of this horrific crime to appear mentally unstable, for the tactics of psychological harassment, demoralization and dehumanization are so subtle and 100% tailored for the targeted individual, so that a target’s accounts of gang stalking, when heard by others, seems surreal, strange and unbelievable. 

One of the contentions many people have said in response to my accounts what has happened of this  seemingly protracted harassment and insidious activity, is that in the months between October and January of last year, I had engaged in the use of MDMA, with other foreigners in Guangzhou, China, most of them English teachers and foreign teachers. The use was limited to weekends only, and such weekend use was not consistent for the entire three to four month period, and tapered off by mid January.  My association with these foreign teachers seems to have led to the set ups, and gaslighting which took place in mid February. It is clear in my mind that these foreign teachers lured me into weekend parties, so that when the terror stalking began, I could be labeled with substance abuse psychosis. This is often the protocal for terror stalking, to cause a victim to fall into vulnerable situations before the stalking.

I have been diagnosed with substance abuse psychosis in a number of institutions, simply because I have recollected out loud to others the event that took place in China in February of 2006. I might add that the serious assault using chemicals, fumes, and laced items of consumption would not have been ideal unless the victim, myself, had aquired a history, however short, or using MDMA. It lends much to having accounts of such covert harassment be labeled as substance abuse psychosis. All of the diagnosis of such have had no medical verification, and could very well be contested in court.

Substance abuse psychosis is typically due to extended periods of binge use, in people who are chronic longtime  users, who use other drugs as well, and who also have unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles. Below is collected facts sited from DEA and research websites specific to MDMA psychosis. It states that such a psychosis due to MDMA is rarely seen, though may appear in persons who have had a history of mental illness, prior to using the MDMA. This victim of psychological harassment has never been diagnosed with any mental illness during his entire life, nor does such illnesses run in his family.  

MDMA use has been associated with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, flashbacks, perceptual changes, depersonalization, and derealization.

Transient psychotic symptoms may occur during intoxication with MDMA, but persistent psychotic symptoms have occasionally been reported as well. In the existing literature, investigators have emphasized the occurrence of psychosis in either chronic heavy users or vulnerable individuals with history of mental illness

Psychotic symptoms of MDMA induced psychosis:

–disoriented to time and place 

–displayed disorganized thought form with delusional ideation involving misidentification and paranoia

–mood euphoric, and no experiencing  of visual or auditory hallucinations

–The diagnosis of MDMA-induced psychotic disorder seems most appropriate when given the absence of any sustained mood disturbance and the lack of evidence of any prodromal symptoms, such as impaired role functioning, social withdrawal, anxiety, or lack of motivation, as typically seen in first-episode psychosis

–the authors described persistent psychosis in individuals who were heavy MDMA abusers and who also chronically misused other illicit drugs.

Although most ‘ecstasy’ users     had some form of mental illness during the four-year study, in the vast majority of cases the problem emerged before they began using ‘ecstasy’There are several cases in the literature of amphetamine psychosis (losing touch with reality) in several extremely heavy users of ‘ecstasy’ and in a light user with a family history of possible paranoid schizophrenia. There is also one case of a young man with no prior history of ‘ecstasy’ use or mental health problems who had a psychotic break following a night of heavy drinking and ‘ecstasy’ use. The latter patient was brought in after pulling people from their cars and attacking their car stereos, apparently believing himself to be taking part in an elaborate role-playing game. With treatment, the patient made a full recovery over two months.     

Psychosis in association with MDMA seems quite rare, probably due to the rarity of prolonged binges (somebody staying high on MDMA for even twelve hours would be unusual, while methamphetamine users routinely go several days without sleep while binging.)


A reader asks: “Isn’t a psychedelic drug high a form of psychosis anyway?” To some extent, yes; drugs like LSD, MDMA, and even alcohol impair our ability to accurately perceive and rationally evaluate the world around us. Traditionally, researchers have even described psychedelic drugs as “psychotomimetics”; drugs that imitate psychosis. However, compared to ‘traditional’ psychosis, drug effects are more predictable and usually positive, and offer the considerable comfort of knowing that whatever altered perception of reality that comes from the drug will fade in a matter of hours; people suffering from mental illness have no easy or predictable escape, a much more frightening situation even if the perceptual disturbances are similar to those a recreational psychedelic user might actively be seeking.

Above taken from the following websites:


The victim here argues that his thoughts have never been confused, and his perception of time and place have been consistent with reality. This can be proven by psychiatric records. One of the stated elements of MDMA psychosis is a misconception concerning space, or place, and time. It might be added also that MDMA psychosis evolves directly after from a using episode, where the drug affect slowly wears off, and a depression unfolds, and subsquent psychosis, mispreceived reality, comes about.

In the literature concerning studies of substance abuse psychosis, one is hard pressed to come across the pattern of use that the victim here had, for only three months of last year, one that saw him stop for a period of several weeks to a month before the harassments psychological violence begins. Doctors are saying that the stopped using for a period, the use confined to some weekends in three to four months, then suddenly a psychotic episode come out of nowhere in mid February, and is due to the weekend recreational use of MDMA in the months between late October and December. 

The use was not chronic, and he maintained a very healthy diet, and lifestyle during the three months when he was using MDMA on weekends, though not in a ceaseless pattern. During the tramatic experiences when the victim endured such heinous harssments as chemical fumes to induce anxiousness, scent harassment, and laced products of consumption/taste alterations of food and coffee, he has been able to recollect with certainty the events. In addition, he has proven to keep such accounts of the ongoing harassment out of the areas of his life that such a relating of events would interfere with normal affairs. To this victim, this psychological harassment is a legal issue, and not a topic of discussion the likes people of a mentally unstable natures may  see it.   Terror stalking, as described on websites and organisational links, is a pervasive campaign. It aims at first and foremost to cause the victim to appear unstable. Secondly, it aims to undermining the victims well being, causing misery in the victim’s day to day life, with pety serial harassemnts that are covertly done, as well as .

The first aim for this victim was achieved by the MDMA use which preceeded the strange harassments of scent, and fumes, and gaslighting. The MDMA set the stage for his accounts  to be seen as some mental distortion due to the weekend parties. These harassments are strange and highly uncommon occurences, and having been recreationally using MDMA on weekends, one is easliy given to attributing such experiences as dillusional. Though, one must look at the facts regarding MDMA psychosis, as well as consider that the psychiatrists who the victim was seen by, all had posturing that was disrespectful, and boardered on mental health abuse, and maleparctice. 

For doctors and the like to assume that the victim here has a drug induced psychosis, is unprofessional, and based not on a true psychiatric evaluation, but based on rumours and a condemnation, much the same for many terror stalking victims. They, the doctors,  only state a disbelief in the accounts of continual harassment, and slap him with a diagnosis.

  • One Doctor at Laguan Beach would only allow the patient, the victim, to leave the facility, if he agreed to take perscribed medication, and state to himself and the doctor, that all the talk about harassment was fantasy. Is this psychiatry, or is this blackmail.

If this be the case, why has the victim not been treated in a manner that would bring him back to reality? Why does the victim have normal functioning within reality, carries on with people, family, and friends, with normal manners? In the psychiatric wards of Grand Junction, Colorado, and Laguan Beach California, the victim witnessed disrepecting posturing from the psychiatrists, and overall ill treatment. Often he was put into a confrontational position with the psychiatrist, by accusation, unprofessional within such a field as psychiatry, from the psychiatrists.

  • He has also been victim of outright mental health abuse, in that a doctor in California, stated to a staff member of a rehab, that the victim, his patient, was ‘crazy’. This violates disclosure, and using such a term is demeaning.  

Also, he was pressured into going into a psychiatric ward, by a staff member of South Coast Recovery, simply for have a conversation with a fellow client about events that took place in China. Is such recalling of past experiences a break with reality? Is the siting of some foolish harassments by fellow clients a break with reality?  Once in the facility, South Coast Medical Behavior Medicines, he was given medication, which caused a contentious fit, and during the contentious fit, he was tackled by staff members, and forced to lay on his stomach, while staff members exerted much force with their elbows, into portions of his back, for nearly five minutes, causing undue physical pain. Is this professionalism, or does this have similarities with others who have identified themselves as having been illtreated and harassed?  

Mentally ill people have not the healthy faculty to document and record, rationalize and pinpoint, the way that most victims of outright abuse do. They are confused, disoriented, unstable in social settings, and cannot achieve measurable completedness in tasks.

In the South Coast Recovery, one fellow client of the victim asked to be moved to another house in the program, partly due to the fact that she could not endure seeing the outright continual harassment and disrespecting by others in the house directed toward the victim.

Evidence is quite conclusive, though no one seems to care or take notice. Organised psychological harassment, ongoing, equates to psychological violence, and all involved in such violence are guilty of criminal harassment, whether they see it that way or not.



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17 responses to “Psychology and Harassment: methods to undermine a person’s life

  1. minigh dimol/waterinch

    This piece of writing taken from gangstalking worldwordpress, EXPLAINS much of the unanswered questions in the writer of the above text, that is fumes, strange smells, etc.:
    If you have not been or are not being poisoned and/or drugged, you are not being “gangstalked”. “Gangstalking” is described on some websites as a bunch of people “just” following you around doing strange skits. That would just be annoying compared to what it really is. Although it might be possible that victims are not aware of where their “symptoms” are coming from. I thought I was physically ill at first, but then began to see a relationship between my “illnesses” and what can only be described as felony assaults.

    The mental and physical effects described by most targets are achieved by covert poisoning using more or less common neruo-interrupters (organic phosphate pesticides), psychotomimetic agents (drugs) and irritants. Some of these chemicals are mixed when needed with additives to make them behave in desired ways. Some are intended to absorb through the skin and others are intended to out-gas. They are not all used in all the described ways. Some, what I will call irritants, are sprayed on the target and act locally on the skin or spread out slowly with various affects. One perp will divert your attention while another one sprays from a “breath spray” size can on bare skin behind or where you won’t notice. They always make a noise like clearing their throat so you won’t hear the sound. I caught them doing this too. Some drugs are mixed with dispersant’s to make them out-gas. These are squirted at or near an isolated target using covert methods. In remote places where possible, constant “Area gassing” is done from neighboring houses. The perps spent a couple days at my neighbors installing the devices they use to disperse their chemicals. I’m sure they are well hidden but I know I can find them. These house devices have been refilled on a regular basis since they were installed. Passing cars/trucks with an electric squirting device are being used, each squirting an out-gassing mixture as they pass by. These were almost constant for several years and are still coming. On the road perps will squirt “out gassing” mixtures from the backs or fronts of their cars/trucks at your car/truck. When they can get away with it perps even do this while walking past in order to gas the target. The chemicals will out-gas quickly or slowly depending on their intended use. The most dangerous assault is the direct assault from a car/truck that has an electrically powered high pressure squirting device behind the grill. These usually squirt pesticide that is intended to stay put and absorb through the skin. This attack can penetrate thick clothing and is usually done in a parking lot or anywhere they can get close to you in a car. Be aware of cars pausing near you or “aiming” at you in parking lots. Individual perps on foot will work their way behind you and squirt your lower back using various covert “rigs”. This is what I first caught one of them doing. The chemicals can be administered by “flipped” coworkers, neighbors, friends, family, local strangers and old or new professional (paid) perps. Neuro-interrupters have a cumulative effect. With successive poisonings there is a gradual decrease in cognitive functioning whidh is what is intended by the perps. I read an account of one victim who had been poisoned to the point that he could no longer speak. A perp will always wait close by to observe the condition of the victim after assaults. The protection against this is waterproof or impermeable clothing or any barrier that will block what is essentially a “high-tech squirt gun” If the victim fails to protect themselves, they will go down as a result of these assaults.

    Some psyhcotomimetic agents, usually LSD or similar will be applied to surfaces the victim will ordinarily touch, door handles, cabinet drawers, any place in their home, car and places at work. Daily vitamins, coffee, shampoo or anything used or consumed on a daily basis is a potential contamination target, especially single use items. In the home milk is often contaminated with OP pesticide. It is obvious if put in any clear liquid because the liquid becomes cloudy. Gloves and clothing might be turned inside out and “treated”. Time to change your cloths, don’t forget to shower. The perps will start slowly, only contaminating a single item or items they have control over so no evidence will remain in case law enforcement investigates. After they believe they have compromised the victims credibility they will become more active and aggressive with contamination and all other aspects of the “organized assault”.

    The following as well as this entire scam may take place over the course of many years.

    Co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, law enforcement and the general public are told planned, consistent lies about the victim/target. This will start with law enforcement long before the actual assaults begin. They do this to “set up” the target, hoping law enforcement will believe their lies and ignore the victim when they first report this crime. Perps may show a bogus “investigation” file or flash fake badges in the community as part of the scam. Perps might hire local lawyers and private investigators in a ruse to “legitimize” the scam. Later the perps will report crimes or trip alarms in the area so the police will have to drive by the target’s house. This is to make the target believe the police are part of the stalking. They will also pull fake fire alarms for the same purpose. While “working” this chemical attack, the perps perform “street theater” around the target. They hope the poisoned/drugged target will panic, then report and try to describe these bizarre “skits” to law enforcement. The goal is to create poison and drug induced psychotic episodes, paranoia, and actions that could (the perps will say) appear to be schizophrenic (only if you are not educated about schizophrenia would you believe this). The perps often launch large drug assaults against a target in public. If the target is effected enough they will report or encourage a bystander to report the target to law enforcement, saying the target is schizophrenic, crazy or psychotic. Some of the perps are bold enough to say the cops do what they have them do, indicating the perps are making “fools” of and are smarter than law enforcement and the targets. Many in law enforcement are aware of perp stalker tactics now and they would like nothing better than to bust this criminal enterprise or anyone in it.

    Some people in the community are tricked or coned into participating. They are told clever lies about the target They may even be deluded into thinking they are doing a “community service”. If they knew the truth of what they were involving themselves with they would not cooperate willingly. Others accept money or other forms of compensation. Many who know or are close to the target are forced to take part in this criminal scam, it’s essentially “the offer they can’t refuse”. Some are set up for various crimes and blackmailed, or blackmailed for any existing secrets they want to keep from co-workers, family, friends or the community at large. Those close to the target that resist are threatened and poisoned using these same methods until they obey. After they are “flipped” they are “coached” by these criminals in their “methods” of assault and supplied with “covert equipment” to topically spray or squirt these chemicals on or around the target or in their food or drink. This will be done at every opportunity at the target’s home (at night to wake you up) or away, on foot or in the car. Anywhere the target is or goes the perps will work together, using surveillance, advanced communications, stealth and simple diversionary tactics to draw the target into position for an assault that will not be detected by the general public.

    The perps have their own websites and “shills” to spread mis-information and dis-information on the internet. Some pose as support for victims trying to disrupt the actions of those who are really trying to help victims. There are perps posing as victims. These perps post intentionally “crazy sounding” accounts describing bogus “satellite attacks” or “advanced electronic weapons” and the ever popular “mind control” which they stretch way beyond anyone’s imagination. They want to frighten and confuse real victims with a mix of real and bogus information that they hope will be believed and repeated by victims. These “posers” also try to befriend real targets to gain information to launch yet another attack. They also will tell targets things like “get out and live your life”. What they really mean is “come out where we can get a clear shot at you”. I read one victims account that said they knew the man that started their stalking and that the man had a reward poster with the victim’s picture in a target on his office wall. I think the vic said the offer was $25,000. If you’re a target, that will make you think, won’t it. Some credible sounding things about this I read on the internet are gone now, disappeared. I like to think I just can’t find them, even though that probably isn’t the case.

  2. Is this john? Write me.

  3. anon

    the crimes you mention above are being done by the local police, each police officer has his own family of terrorists and they work for money, and stalk victims, the corruption in the government is so bad, even the district attornies of most counties know what is going on , but they are afraid, and even part take in this cruel action, while writing thi letter they have been stalking me and apraying chemicals into my homes and aggrevated stalking know by the district attorny of baldwin county alabama, a elected offical that has direct knowledge of this criminal activity and refuses to prosecute, the gulf shores , foley police are involoved in corrution racketeering organized crime multiple constitutional rights violoations and terrible acts of knowning violating civil rights, the sherriff deptmant in this area bladwin county engage and allow and give access to these crinimals to engage in continued criminal activty. look at the iindividuals that are arressted,, never any of the individuals that blong to the local crime syndicate. Yes a syndicate here in this area drug sales, anything that makes money, it is a really bad situation here. loacals work fro free doing continued harrasssment against people. that got caught and even the fbi in mobile alabam refuses to acknowledge these crimes and calls frequently to different local police forces to warn them of any crimes that are complained about and they have been caught shredding evidence and other papers to cover their tracks.

  4. ananomous

    The crime here discussed, and the unneeded defense of what the writer states being made up to cover up the crime and mask it with a false claim as psychosis, is nothing more then a serious program of government engineering using electronic and frequency based technology, drugs and chemicals, and the gang stalking. What a crime.

  5. Atlanta, GA

    I am a victim of this crime as well. If anyone wants to get in touch drop a note or an email. I potentially have an ex-chief judge representing me, I will post again if there is an update. Incredibly difficult to prove but it is a disaster and a never ending nightmare. it is terrorism, mob rule – the lowest common denominator in a democracy.

  6. c.cholo

    Try Weed and Seed that has a multitude of local and
    federal law enforcement agencies as well as
    community and corporate volunteers under one

  7. Stalk the Stalkers

    Police were involved in my stalking and other members of the police force looked away.

  8. Savant

    I would have to estimate that over ten thousand “PEPPERBALLS” were shot of the roof of my former home and impacted and exploded on the roof. During the time period, that this occurred, “PEPPERBALLS” were restricted to police sales only.
    After enough “PEPPERBALLS” have impacted on your roof, you will get “PEPPERBALL” dust or pepper in your house, the concentration will increase, and you will wake up. If you do not believe this, have someone spray a little pepper spray in your room while you are sleeping.
    For a account of Gang Stalking from the authorities view point, I found one published in a book, and I know what happened.
    “GOING CRAZY” ‘An inquiry into madness in our time’ written by Otto Friedrich. See the last paragraph on page 197, and read to 200 or 201.
    This chapter of Joe Louis’s life tell us many things about what is going on, with “Gang Stalkers”.
    Why was Joe, chosen, because, in his second fight with Max Schmeling he cleaned him out. The White racist NAZI police of America could not stand to see a white man beaten in the ring by a Negro. Remember the CIA became involved in the Secret Policing of America in the 1960’s.


    Once Again…………………No one has said there is a way out of this, but since were all here and aware, I have to ask….I am going on my TENTH year in Ga. Due to multiple assaults I am now Hiv positive and being denied my medications. Can any of you help or do Anything? If so pls email me:

    appreciate it.

  10. the us is full of sick demented people.

    the people in the US think that it is right to colonize the world, because the world is not like them.

    USA thinks that countries should be like america so that gay people can marry!

    And people will buy products from the USA,

    and watch movies from USA,

    and begin to dress like people in the USA.

    If you agree that all of the above is a healthy outlook and world view, than you are mentally deformed, and you might as well join AA, do drugs till you die, join the army and go fight for your dumb pathetic country and the above pathetic ideals, or just eat processed carbs till one day you can’t walk.

    don’t send your processed carbs to the parts of the world that have their own healthy diets.

    America sucks, as it does for the person who wrote this blog, I am guessing.

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  16. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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